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Starr Cullars & the Enterprise

Review 05/10/98 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At the Lion's Den - NYC At 8:00pm, I was fortunate enough to meet Lige Curry and Starr Cullars, to tell them how much I enjoyed their performance at the FUNK-O-RAMA I show at the Wetlands on December 1, 1997. Starr was delighted to meet the one and only Dr. Brookenstein, who did an absolutely-glowing review of the FUNK-O-RAMA performance. And yes, she was looking fine as usual! We exchanged phone numbers (for BUSINESS PURPOSES, OKAY.....NOSY BODIES!!). At 8:30pm, The show started very late with a fierce, psychedelic jam that sounded like Praxis's "Seven Laws of Woo", before leading into the funk-rock blast of "Red Alert". Starr performed the most intense bass solo and the band was SO BADD that the speakers must have smokin' up in that mothafucka (WHEW!). The next tune was "Stargazing", which was funky too. Following that was "Seduce Me" and "Harmony". The drummer, Shawn Hill, carried out a very good drum solo. The last song that the band performed was "Make It Happen", another heavy-guitar, slam-funk tune!!! It was the best song in the set. Unfortunately, the show had to end at 9:15pm, a mere 45 minutes for the band, which really sucked!! I heard Starr say that the time period allotted was about 1/3 of the stuff that the group had planned to perform!! Everyone had begged for an encore but it was not granted!! DAMN!!!! Not only did the show ended too soon, but there was only about 15 patrons in the whole fuckin' place to see Starr Cullars!! WHAT A POOR TURNOUT FOR THIS SHOW!! IT WAS SO EMBARRASSED FOR STARR WHEN SHE ASKED HOW EVERYONE WAS DOING AND SHE HEARD ABOUT 3 OR 4 PEOPLE SAY "ALRIGHT!" AND YOU COULD HEAR A FEW HANDCLAPS AT THE END OF EACH SONG!! The Lion's Den just didn't "put the word out" like they are supposed to! I know there are a lot of P-Funk fans in the NYC area and beyond that would have rushed into the venue at 7:15pm, just to get themselves ready for Starr Cullars & Enterprise. And she was wearing a snug-fitting glittery-silver blouse with tall black boots, showing some of her black-pantyhosed legs! And the girl is from Philadelphia, my hometown. PERSONNEL: Starr Cullars - bass Lige Curry - guitar Shawn Hill - drums Scotti Garner - keyboards, guitar

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